Fontwell is in the Fashion world with its own personality, its own character, with a precise work ethic. Fontwell, with headquarters in Funchal and Shanghai, is specialized in the production of garments for great brands and strong retailers. Fontwell possesses experience, knowledge and competence. It understands the fashion world, its trends and changes. Along the years it has created solid relations with suppliers and distributors, that’s why it is capable of managing the complete life of the product: from the creativity, to the production, and the control up until delivery. That’s why it’s a partner, serious and secure, of the best fashion brands.


Fontwell has chosen quality. It has chosen to produce high quality garments for men. Quality comes as an irreplaceable element to create beauty and value. Quality as a guiding line that involves the complete productive process: from the selection of the fabric to the shipment of the final product. Fontwell makes high quality garments to offer clients a product capable of competing in the market and create business.

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